How often do we wish we'd taken the opportunity to tell someone something we've kept inside? I love you . . . I admire you . . . I miss you . . . I was wrong . . . Thank you . . . Don't forget me . . . Come back . . . You had to go . . .

Say it Today is a place to do just that with messages you've decided can't wait until tomorrow and want to write today. While you can.

And if you already waited until tomorrow, you can still share your words.

This is a place for the unspoken messages you've imagined saying. They might be words of gratitude or joy, love or honor, appreciation or farewell. They could be words of sadness or regret.

Say It Today welcomes everyone's voice and style. We invite you to write and share by submitting your writing.

Say It Today is created and curated by Ellen Feld, grammarian, online instructor, writer, and editor.

As someone who often writes to people in her mind, she thought it was time to make a space to write out loud where people could read, and to make it a space for others who'd like to do the same.

We might be sorry for the damaging words we let fly, but we're never sorry for expressing the positive and sharing it with someone we love.

Say It Today
Someone died as we were born
Someone laughed, someone mourned
If I could offer thanks today
Show my love, sing your praise
Bid goodbye, make amends
I'd say it now before we end . . .

© 2018 by Say It Today

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